“Make Snacking a Satisfying Part of Life”

— Noha Waibsnaider

Getting to Know our Peas Please Pea Farmers

Canadian Farmers say, “More Peas Please!” 

Part of our mission to help people feel good about snacking involves developing strong partnerships with our farmers to grow the best tasting, organic and non-GMO ingredients. That’s one reason we traveled to Canada last week: to meet some of the farmers who grow peas for our new Peas Please. The prairies are covered in snow this time of year, making a beautiful sight as far as the eye can see. During their “off season”, the farmers had time to chat with us about their work.

Farming nutritious, tasty ingredients for Peas Please is no small feat. It involves chemistry in getting the right balance of minerals, like nitrogen, in the soil and lots of hard work. Most grains, like wheat and corn, strip nitrogen from the land; peas are an important counter crop, as they restore nitrogen back to the soil. Farmers plant peas to bring the soil back into balance, which makes them uniquely suited to sustainable farming.

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