Earth Day 2016

Much-Ado-About-Earth Day!

We’re committed to expanding the snacking aisle to create snacks that make a positive impact on you and the environment. That’s one reason all of our snacks are sourced from sustainably-focused farmers who grow foods without pesticides and chemicals that harm the earth.

Recently, our farmers, together with our mango dryer, went one step further. They developed a process for using the whole mango in the production process, letting almost nothing go to waste. Instead of discarding the inedible mango peels and pits, as most farmers do, this group developed equipment to turn the waste into natural gas. The gas then fuels ovens, which gently dry the mango at its peak freshness. This technique is so new to the region, that our partners invented their own equipment to make it possible! And they’re not done! They then use the charcoal byproduct from this process as a fertilizer for the mango trees. Using the whole mango plant—from skin to pit—marks a significant step in lowering our carbon footprint.

Alongside you and our farmers, we’re proud to be part of a system that supports less waste and more health for planet earth!