Holiday Travel

Healthy Holiday Travel Made Simple

Pulling off a holiday trip with kids—whether to the grocery store or a faraway destination—requires a lot of planning, patience and effort. There are ways to make the experience memorable for all the right reasons, though. Here’s how you can manage common obstacles to make this holiday season travel your best ever!

Empower your kids to pack

Younger children love choosing toys, activities and snacks. Involving your kids ensures they’ll be more engaged in these entertainments while on the road, and you’ll avoid hearing these dreaded words: “I’m bored.”

Expect the best, prepare for the worst

Don’t forget to bring important family medical documents such as immunization records, blood type and pediatrician contact information. This information can help health care professionals treat your child thoroughly no matter where you are.

Fill up their tanks

Pack your bags with healthy snacks so you have good options available when you need them. We know when kids eat healthy foods filled with fiber and protein, they are more likely to maintain steady blood sugar and energy levels. With sugar and carb-filled snacks, however, their blood sugar spikes giving them lots of extra, false energy and leads to an inevitable crash. That’s why traveling with healthy snacks like gently dried fruits and Peas Please, the only organic, baked pea snack on the market, makes a big difference.

Be ready for delays

No matter how well you’ve planned, travel delays are inevitable. Whether it’s a layover, car trouble or something else outside of your control, delays will happen. Depending on the age of your children, pack extra “just in case” items in your bag including diapers, wipes, snacks, games and books. Also, remember to keep the inconvenience in perspective. Unexpected delays are disappointing, but they’re part of a greater effort to spend time with your family. Use the opportunity to do just that, and the experience may pleasantly surprise you.

Healthy travel doesn’t end at your destination

You can’t undervalue good nutrition when it comes to your immune system. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants boost the body’s ability to fight infection. After you’ve reached your destination, encourage your family to eat fruits and vegetables along with traditional holiday indulgences to help boost immunity for trip back home—especially if you’re flying.

Strive to plan a few active family outings to balance out lounging by the fire or watching movies. Walking around the neighborhood, jogging to the store for that last-minute ingredient, or a snowball fight can boost your individual energy levels and the group’s sense of togetherness.

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