Getting down to the core

Apples are among the most basic of fruit. Everyone has had one. Everyone knows how to eat one. Or do they?

As apples abound during fall harvest season, we challenge you to rethink your apple-eating habits. How much of an apple is actually edible? Answer: all of it.

The average person discards roughly 30% of an apple, yet the entire thing is deliciously edible—from the skin to the core and all the way through. Many adventurous apple eaters steer clear of seeds, but research shows they’re edible as well.

However you choose to consume them, apples are universally good for you. We know they are a high natural source of fiber, iron and antioxidants that help protect the body from disease. However you eat them—sliced, cored, dried, or even the whole thing, your body will thank you!