The Real Energy Challenge Kicks Off With Noha Waibsnaider

Today Peeled Snacks launches our annual Real Energy Challenge. When most people are making New Year’s resolutions to reduce, restrict and deprive themselves, we invite you to meet your health goals and feel good by taking the challenge with us!

The Peeled Snacks Real Energy Challenge focuses on eating truly nutritious foods, reducing added sugars and incorporating daily activity in a way that fits your lifestyle. All month long, we’ll share expert health and nutrition tips on, Facebook and Twitter.  We will also offer weekly prizes on our website and Facebook page to help you simply and realistically begin to live our healthiest life.

We’ll also share some of our favorite tips from friends of Peeled Snacks on the blog each week—starting with our founder and CEO, Noha Waibsnaider. Here, she shares her tips for finding real energy each day, including what keeps her motivated and the one snack she simply can’t live without.

What is your secret to staying energized throughout the day?

My not-so-secret formula is getting a full night’s sleep, moving as much as I can throughout the day and avoiding energy crashes that come from added sugars. When I’m especially pressed for time, I use the 7-minute workout app on my phone.

Why should everyone consider organic foods?

Our bodies have enough work to do to maintain our health without having to battle pesticides and toxic chemicals. Organic farming is also good for the environment and for the health of farmers growing our foods. That’s why Peeled Snacks is so committed to sustainable and organic farming for all of our fruit and vegetable snacks.

What is one of the biggest reason you see people failing to meet their healthy eating goals?

There is so much confusing guidance about what to eat, and it can get overwhelming. Keep it simple and focus on just one thing: avoiding added sugars.

Transitioning away from added sugars isn’t easy—especially after weeks of holiday indulgences. We also know sugar is very addictive; studies show it is even more addictive than cocaine! However, It’s easier to avoid sugar if you have a lot of healthy snack alternatives at hand: fruit, nuts and seeds or plain yogurt with a touch of honey. These are snacks you can feel good about without deprivation.

What keeps you motivated in your work to help people feel good about snacking?

I’m motivated most by the amazing, positive feedback we get from people. I love hearing about when we’ve helped someone find a healthy snack at an airport or provided an easy, healthy snack to pack in a child’s lunchbox. Providing those solutions is so gratifying.

I’m also very motivated by the many farmers and people we work with around the world. We’re partnering with them to help to create jobs and promote sustainable agriculture that is both good for them and for the environment.

If you had to choose one Peeled Snack option to eat for the rest of your life, which would it be? Much-Ado-About-Mango

Find more tips from the Peeled Snacks team and other friends of Peeled Snacks on our Facebook page all month long.