Meet the Team

Noha Waibsnaider

Founder & CEO

Favorite Activity in Brooklyn: Going to the farmer’s markets and food truck rally at Grand Army Plaza, hitting up Smorgasburg for delicious eats, visiting Pier 6 (Brooklyn Bridge Park) and taking the ferry over to Governor’s Island.
Interesting Fact: Between 1st and 4th grade, I went to four different schools in three different countries.
Real Food Philosophy: “Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”
– Michael Pollen
Favorite Peeled Snacks: much-ado-about-Mango
Style of Cooking: Free Spirit Slightly Addicted To: Fermented foods

Beth Kennedy

Director of Marketing and Operations

Favorite Activity in NYC: I love to pick a neighborhood and spend an afternoon walking around, finding tiny cafes and restaurants to try, and checking out local shops.
Favorite Peeled Snacks: Apple Aplenty Trail Mix
How I Stay Active: Sneaking out of my apartment for a run in Riverside Park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
Style of Cooking: Take out
Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Voice
Interesting Fact: I was a competitive gymnast growing up
First Sip in the Morning: Coffee, and then again in the afternoon!

Ian Kelleher

Director of Alternative Channels

Interesting Fact: I design Murder Mysteries in my spare time.
Favorite Peeled Snacks: Apple Aplenty, wow is it sustaining!
Real Food Philosophy: I cook food to get to know food.
Favorite Books: Lately WW2 spy novels. A bit of a guilty pleasure.
Style of Cooking: Free Spirit
First Sip in the Morning: Water and about 50 oz of it.
What I Can’t Live Without: Tomato. I don’t know why, but I crave it.

Jim Clark

National Sales Manager

Favorite Activity in NYC: Exploring the city using Citi Bike. Some of my favorite rides have been riding across the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, the Water Font Park in Dumbo, and wandering through Park Slope and Prospect Park.
Favorite Peeled Snacks: much-ado-about-Mango
How I Stay Active: Walking my lab, hiking, playing lacrosse, mountain biking, and swimming
Slightly Addicted To: Good tasting beer – IPA, Pale Ale, and Belgian style brews
Favorite Quote: Live life happy Favorite Cookbook:

Melissa Teegardner

Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Favorite Activity in NYC: Visiting the Rockefeller Center around Christmas
Interesting Fact: I love to take a recipe and remodel it to a healthy recipe.
Favorite Peeled Snacks: Coco Nosh Trail Mix
Style of Cooking: The latest recipe I found on Pinterest
How I Stay Active: Yoga and playing outside with my pet shorkie
What’s in My Home Library: The Pioneer Women Cooks cookbook and my favorite author is Adriana Trigiani
Slightly Addicted To: Pinterest

Shawn Manimtim

Director of Finance

Interesting Fact: I’m a double showcase winner on The Price is Right
Favorite Peeled Snacks: Coco Nosh Trail Mix
First Job Out of College: Ride operator at Walt Disney World followed by my first real Finance job in Los Angeles
Style of Cooking: Take Out
Favorite Book: Rick Steve’s Italy
Pantry Staples: Special K Vanilla Almond cereal and Jello no-sugar added pudding snacks
Guilty Pleasure: Hours spend planning my next escape from the city.

Tripti Bajracharya

Accounting Manager

Favorite Activity in NYC: I love Central Park in all seasons. In the spring and fall I enjoy strolling around, in the summer I picnic, and in the winter I ice-skate.
Interesting Fact: I skipped the crawling stage when I was a baby.
Favorite Peeled Snack: Mango Staycation
Favorite Quote: “If you ever think about giving up, remember why you held on for so long.” – Hayley Williams
Style of Cooking: Free Spirit, but we all had a taste of her Nepalese cuisine and it’s out of this world!
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate Favorite Season: Spring

Jessica Aquila

Operations Manager

Favorite Activity in NYC: Walk the High Line
Favorite Peeled Snacks: Cinnamon Apple Clusters
How You Stay Active: Walk, walk, walk!
Favorite Season: Summer
First Sip in the Morning: Coffee
Style of Cooking: Free Spirit
What You Can’t Live Without: My sunglasses

Elena Guberman

Operations Manager