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April Fools: what about the other 364 days?

So this past April Fools Day (happy birthday Myka!) Peeled Skinny tried a Facebook prank- I announced on my wall that I'd received a deportation notice, and complained about the impending bureaucratic nightmare I'd slog through to avoid being hoisted to foreign shores.  Perhaps my Irish roots made it seem authentic, or perhaps my tone of annoyance (rather than alarm) sold the joke, but the post had a great deal of responses before someone (late in the day, mind you) finally outed me.


I caught wind of another great April Fools joke from Vator.tv: an article talking about a new business incubator designed to help incubate business incubators.  I thought that was GENIUS- a joke that MIGHT be true, yet turns truth in on itself AND satirizes (albeit politely) the cruel entrepreneurial financing landscape of the day.  Turned out to be not so funny a joke though- the UN actually HAS an incubator for incubators.  Egad.

I've got a non-April-Fools joke for you, one that plays from April 2nd through till March 31st; it's a simple joke, just 2 words, and really worth a belly laugh: Fruit Snack.  I won't mention brands for fear of ticking anyone off, but there are companies out there who sell "Fruit Snacks" that contain little or no actual fruit.  Fruit leathers, fruit chews, or fruit gummies usually contain less than 20% fruit, and mostly contain cow hoof (i.e. gelatin).  And yet the companies that make them call them "Fruit" something.

Joke's on us, I guess, but I personally am not amused.  What actually classifies as "fruit"?  How about, er, um, say, FRUIT (no parenthesis please).  If a product has "fruit" on the label, then it should be what it says.  Okay, for the benefit of the modern era of processing food to death, how about a standard of a "Fruit Snack" being at least 50% fruit.  Does that seem so absurd?

And is "Fruit Juice" really fruit?  When you take all the good bits out, can what's left really go to make a "Fruit Snack"?  I am doubtful.

Luckily, Peeled Snacks does NOT participate in this joke, because our "Fruit Snacks" are actually fruit "snacks".  That is to say, they are FRUIT, that we dry in a certain way but otherwise add NOTHING to, and that we package and present as a "Snack".  Nothing funny about that, is there?  Well, it's funny how yummy they are, but there's nothing else to laugh at.

Except our snack names.  Feel free to laugh your head off at "Raisin Expectations" or "Go-Figure".  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Happy April.  May your days be bright and warm, or at least wet and warm (and bring May flowers).  Keep snacking,

Peeled Skinny



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